Every dollar we make

goes back into

our community!

At Neighbourlies Party Service, our #1 priority is the wellbeing of our neighbours and our community. That's why every cent of profit from our business goes back into funding the community programs and activities that make Burnaby an inclusive and welcoming place to live.

The Neighbourlies are a proud supporter of the Burnaby Neighbourhood House

The Burnaby Neighbourhood House is committed to building a socially just neighbourhood, defined as one that upholds and validates the values of:


Inclusiveness -- To understand and responsive to all community members and treat with respect and integrity

Equality -- To make accessible social and economic resources in the community for the benefit of all people

Empowerment & Leadership -- To help individuals and communities achieve self-actualization

Engagement & Responsibility -- To build common interests and sustain relationships in the community as the basis for action to achieve shared goals

Innovation -- To develop new resources and made available in the community

BNH is dedicated to "bringing community members together in a positive and supportive environment, which encourages the building of relationships."

This is achieved through various social programs for all members of the family (e.g. a parent support circle for parents, afterschool clubs for kids, seniors wellness groups for grandparents, etc.) 

These are the programs that the Neighbourlies will be directly supporting!