Meet the Neighbourlies!

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Boomi is the oldest of all the Neighbourlies. They like to read. They spend a lot of time looking out for the other monsters in their neighbour-hood. If you need help or someone to talk to, Boomi is always ready to lend a paw or an ear.

Palloo may be the youngest Neighbourly, but they are also the biggest! Don't let that fool you though -- they are very shy. Palloo loves to eat, well ... pretty much anything. They also like to play hide'n'seek and to study insects. And when they think no one is looking, they love to sing.

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Roobi likes to, well .... sleep. Roobi loves cuddles and to listen to stories. They have a serious sweet tooth -- Boomi is always having to take away desserts that Roobi has snuck away. When Roobi is not sleeping or eating sweets, they can be found drawing, painting or playing drums.

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Grix is the second youngest Neighbourly. They are very excited to try new things and make new friends. One of the things Grix likes most in the whole world is to dance. The only thing that Grix seems to like more than dancing is spending time outside and protecting the environment!

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